More fucking people.

More fucking people.

#56 A woman who denies that men have any kind of feelings at all, as a justification for having a defective store-bought personality and for being an all-round cunt
#57 An old Asian couple who think that walking slowly on a busy street is Zen
#58 Anyone who objects when I bludgeon them out of the way on a footpath
#59 Any white person who thinks that all rap is bad because they've heard six bad radio edits from some celluoid whore and they were, predictably, dreadful
#60 Anyone who doesn't forgive me for doing things that I was going to do anyway

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Comment #61 Anyone who uses the word 'youse' in a sentence and that's everyone in Brisbane.

Fri Feb 25, 2005 10:52 pm MST by Lil

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