Censorship is bullshit

Censorship is bullshit

I have been looking forward to a particular South Park episode for weeks, and what happens when it's due to be screened? It gets pulled. Angry letter ensued:

On 10/01/05, a matter of some confusion arose ? your internal SBS South Park website lists Episode 812 ?Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset? for transmission on 10/01/05 (http://www.sbs.com.au/southpark/). However, in the general program guide linked from the SBS website frontpage (http://www.sbs.com.au/whatson/index.php3?progdate=10:01:2005) it lists Episode 813 ?Cartman?s Incredible Gift? for transmission. Bizarre.

After a 10 minute phone call (your hold music is wretched), a less-than-pleasant desk simian revealed that it would be, in fact, Episode 812 that would be screening that evening, and thanked me for my call in a voice that subliminally screamed ?Go intercourse yourself?.

?Oh, and at 8.30pm you screened Episode 813.

Needless to say, I was disappointed and I suspect you have ?declined to purchase? this episode in the manner of every single other South Park, from all 8 series. Censorship by any other name.

South Park is truly vicious social satire, delivered with a venom of which Jonathon Swift would have been proud. Yes, he may have been offended at the image of Paris Hilton continually hacking up semen, but at the very least he would have understood the target and the comment as fair game. The program, its creators and your viewers do not deserve this kind of shabby treatment.

While I do not wonder how the images of pet suicide, rampant fourth grade sluts and competitive insertion contests might be construed as offensive, it is a pity this is another issue the public will never decide for themselves. A later time slot, an MA rating, and you might have made so very many people happy.

Yours sincerely,

That's about as polite as I'm capable of. There is one flipside however - I might actually merit a response. Typically I imagine my rantypants letters aren't really considered legitimate complaints. There's something about the word "cunt" that guarantees no-one will ever be replying. I'll keep you posted in case the slimy fuckweasels write back.

P.S. Go to www.lando.co.uk and grab yourself a copy of Stupid Spoiled Whore. Hilarious, horrible, brilliant stuff.

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Comment Hey Nerd,I'm shocked that your parents let you stay up to watch South Park or even let you watch it because of the content. But what really gets me is that someone as stupid as you even knows what south park is. EAT MY SHIT NERD BOY!!!

Tue May 30, 2006 12:18 am MST by Hank

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